Melissa D. Mohan

Owner | Licensed Real Estate Broker


Our passion

Melmo Realty LLC is a full service real estate brokerage which services Queens, Nassau and Suffolk Counties and specializes in the purchase, sale and marketing of residential properties. Our top priority is to make each real estate transaction personalized, smooth and as stress-free as practicable.


Melissa D. Mohan, Licensed Real Estate Broker, Owner and Founder of Melmo Realty LLC., combines a unique perspective of the Real Estate Industry and passion for travelling the world to bring you the best home buying and selling experience. Prior to jump starting her own practice, Melissa was the Managing Attorney for several years in one of New York State’s largest foreclosure law firms. From her years of hard work and dedication, she has gained invaluable experience representing Mortgage Servicers and will use that to bring a refreshing approach to the industry. Melissa received a Juris Doctor from Fordham University and a Bachelor of Arts from Boston College.

Aside from her years of experience and knowledge in the Real Estate Industry, Melissa has a passion for travelling. Over the years, she has experienced about forty cultures and lifestyles. All of which have given her a greater appreciation of what the world has to offer and will help guide you in making one of the biggest decisions in your life, choosing a place to call home.  Her current projects are in the Suffolk, Nassau and Queens areas but she is open to take on any location. Whether it is finding a new home or selling your current home, trust in Melmo Realty LLC to make it happen.